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Dead week is a slang term for the week before schools' final examinations in the United States of America. The week is known thus because of its notorious .

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At any major college or university, the week before finals are administered and most major projects and assignments are due for submission. The lat...

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Holiday travel deals: “Dead Weeks” airfare sale | City Brights: Chris ...
Oct 18, 2011 . If you've been putting off business trips, blown off your family back home, or missed that romantic weekend away because airfares are too high, .

Dead Week a killer for students studying for finals | USA TODAY ...
Dec 8, 2011 . Dead week needs to be reformed and expanded, a number of student newspapers argue in recent articles and editorials. Traditionally, this .

Dead Week - Purdue University
No examination or quiz may be given during the week (three days in summer session) preceding the final examination period of the semester (examinations for .

Editorial - Dead week should be honored at WVU - Opinion - The ...
Dec 4, 2011 . The semester is finally winding down, but the stress is piling up. It's dead week, and students will be scrambling to finish their final projects, .

Dead Week is alive | The Paly Voice
Jan 15, 2012 . What is Dead Week? Two days of review? We would like to believe Dead Week encompasses the entire week before finals -- a time when .

'Dead Week' Deals Take Off | Fox News
Oct 27, 2011 . The good news is prices are about to drop across the board – but there's just one catch. You just have to be willing to fly during so-called “dead .

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Dead Week - University of Kentucky
Mar 9, 2012 . The last week of a regular semester and the last three days of a summer session is called “dead week.” Below is a summary of the dead week .

Student senators table Dead Week resolution | Media OCU
Feb 29, 2012 . Student Senate tabled legislation indefinitely Feb. 28 that would have begun to create a formal Dead Week for the 2012-13 academic year.

Verhasselt: Dead Week is a myth - Iowa State Daily: Opinion
Dec 7, 2011 . I remember my freshman year, at the end of my first semester, wondering, "What is this Dead Week everyone is talking about?" Is there still .


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"Dead Week" great week for travel deals - CBS News
Nov 21, 2011 . Air fares are up about 20 percent this Thanksgiving over last year, and of course this is always one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.

Surviving dead week
Mar 5, 2012 . It's the beginning of dead week. I really don't think anything else needs to be said because we all know what this accurately-named week .

Dead Week - Hanover College Student Blogs
Dec 5, 2011 . As I get back to Hanover, I realize that I will be back home in a mere two weeks. What we call “Dead Week” is one of them. Dead Week is the .

'Dead week' could cause changes to academic calendar | The Daily ...
Feb 23, 2012 . Filled with last-minute tests and assignments, finals week leaves many students feeling overwhelmed, as if they have no time to fit everything in, .

Time to Redefine Dead Week | PSU Chronicles
Mar 22, 2012 . When I was attending a school on the semester system, our “Dead Week” was just that – a week without classes that was intended to allow us .

From Biglaw to Boutique: It's a Dead Week « Above the Law: A ...
Dec 23, 2011 . Recently, someone remarked to me that the week after Christmas is a “dead week.” He meant that many people take the week off, many .

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NOVELS | Dead week diversions for the weary Sooners
Dec 8, 2011 . This is “Dead Week,” the time when students have no time to do any studying and must use the little time they have to entertain themselves in .

Dead Week (A-15)
Jan 31, 2012 . Dead week, the last five class days of each long semester, is intended to allow students the necessary time to prepare for final examinations.

Surviving Dead Week (or any Stressful Week, for That Matter) | PRos ...
Nov 28, 2011 . It's just not fair! After a glorious long holiday weekend, at the University of Oregon we have to come back to campus for DEAD WEEK. The origin .

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[edit] Noun. dead week (plural dead weeks). In a college or university, the week immediately preceding finals week. [edit] Synonyms. swot vac, similar concept in .

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FAQ for Dead Week, Christmas and Easter Restrictions - TAPPS
To whom do TAPPS Dead Week and Restricted Periods apply? a. . May students play on AAU, club or select teams during TAPPS Dead Week and. Restricted .

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