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Aug 28, 2011 . In his famous lecture, Life in the Universe, Stephen Hawking asks: "What are the chances that we will encounter some alien form of life, as we .

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So the probability of ET life forms within the milky way is virtually 100%, and nearly 100% life forms do, or did, exist on other bodies within our .

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N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be . The possibility of life on moons of gas giants (such as Jupiter's moon Europa, .

Probability of Extraterrestial Life
The Drake Equation examines the probability of life in Milky Way Galaxy from another direction, beginning with the total number of stars in the galaxy and .

Hawking: Life in the Universe
Two questions I shall discuss are: what is the probability of life existing else where in . fraction of the hundred billion stars in our galaxy may also have planets.

HowStuffWorks "What are the odds there is extraterrestrial life in ...
Intelligent life in our galaxy? So overwhelmingly likely that I'd give you almost any odds you'd like." And yet his enthusiasm must be tempered by what scientists .

The chances of discovering intelligent life in our galaxy is incredibly ...
Apr 16, 2010 . FANCY a close encounter of the third kind - finding other life in our galaxy? Don't hold your breath. WHAT'S the chance of finding intelligent life .

Odds of Alien Life on Newly Spotted Exoplanet Are "100 Percent ...
Sep 30, 2010 . Odds of Alien Life on Newly Spotted Exoplanet Are "100 Percent" Says Its . of life than a declaration that he's found it elsewhere in the galaxy.

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The Mathematical Probability Of Life On Other Earth-Like Planets
Apr 16, 2008 . The Mathematical Probability Of Life On Other Earth-Like Planets . to have life. so probably every galaxy has one planet orbiting a star within .

Is there any other life in the Universe?
However, If that unlikely possibility should turn out to be the case, then it would perhaps be only reasonable to assume that it must be impossible for life to form .

The Odds of Intelligent Life in the Universe
Apr 19, 2008 . The Odds of Intelligent Life in the Universe . should theoretically be able to work the the paths of these supergroups of galaxy backward until a .


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Probability of Life-Support Planets for Extraterrestrials & SETI Success
There are various conditions present in galaxies, near stars and on planets, which limit the possibility of life. To evaluate and describe these conditions, we will .

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Number of alien worlds ...
Feb 5, 2009 . The probability seems high to me given that conditions seem possible for intelligent life in a large number of planets in our own galaxy. Multiply .

Is there life on other worlds?
the Milky Way gal- axy that have life context. By asking students to consider the possibility of life— simple to technologi- cal—in our galaxy,. Activity 5 builds on .

The Drake equation provides a means of estimating the probability of intelligent life in the Galaxy. The astronomical terms in the equation are the Galactic .

Habitable Planets: Working the Odds
Mar 10, 2010 . Our estimates of the habitable worlds in galaxies like these are widely variable, but they all imply countless chances for life to get its start.

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They then had a more serious discussion regarding the chances of humans . This is a tiny fraction of the life of a galaxy under ordinary assumptions and .

Extraterrestrial Life - The Daily Galaxy
Stephen Hawking believes that one of the major factors in the possible scarcity of intelligent life in our galaxy is the high probability of an asteroid or comet .

The Milky Way's Two Billion Earthlike Planets: An Update
Dec 11, 2011 . What about the possibility of life not only in the Milky Way, but also in the 50 billion galaxies beyond our galactic home-base? New findings from .

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Rebuttal to 'The Probability of Life' by Mike Friedman
Mar 31, 2008 . "The type and size of galaxy a given planet is in has little to do with the possibility of life." This is definitely not true. Small galaxies do not .

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On the Origin and Evolution of Life in the Galaxy
possibility of life originating elsewhere in the Galaxy before it began on Earth. Proponents of the Rare Earth Hypothesis (Brownlee and Ward, 2000) may place .

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