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I tried out a couple of mind-mapping tools, but I found that they were more of a hurdle . I did a lot of planning in a TiddlyWiki, and that was a really great environment for keeping notes. . I create note cards in Scrivener for each planned adventure and/or . I do drawings on the right hand side of the open book and important .

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Version 7.4.2 Release Notes · Software License . With Curio you have all the tools It's <b>your</b> project notebook.~The beauty of . Index cards and note cards [?] ?, ?, ? . Resources with easy setup via drag-and-drop from the Address Book [?] ?, ? . Affordable K-12 annual site license plans for schools, Learn More .

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Sep 14, 2011 . Index cards are a kick-ass organization tool. You can use . Notes, mind-maps, character sketches, drawings of weird alien penises. Get some .

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Learn how to apply this revolutionary thinking tool to a variety of practical situations: from . “The Mind Map Book” introduces a revolutionary system of planning and . There are sections for card players, for people learning new languages and for those . Improve grades, make more effective notes, plan better essays, make .

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Aug 28, 2007 . Note Taking – As you listen to a lecture or read a book you can very quickly . Planning can be helped a great deal with Mind Maps, in one diagram . Wise Mapping is the web mind mapping tool that leverages the power of . I need and shuffle them around like notecards, only I can tag them in a variety of .

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Mind Maps are more compact than conventional notes, often taking up one . or topics down into manageable chunks, so that you can plan effectively without . How to Mind Map (9780007146840): Tony Buzan ...
Mind Mapping is a revolutionary system of planning and note taking that has changed . Mind Mapping is great tool with all sorts of uses and this book is short .

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We have found mind mapping to be a powerful tool . can be used in nearly every activity where thought, planning, recall or creativity . methods of outlining and note taking in workplaces around the world (Margulies, . with note cards. . Buzan, T. and Buzan, B. (1996), The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking .

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Agile Modeling with Mind Map and UML
A mind map is a graphical technique of taking notes and visualizing thoughts . Figure 1: An example mind map used to plan a project Christmas party . Remember that a mind map is as evocative as story cards, yet it is a better tool for seeing .

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250 Tips for Writers, From Writers; Mind Maps; Tony Buzan on Mind Maps; Books on . to the problem, which can inhibit us from finding novel and creative solutions. . Though brainstorms themselves are often playful, brainstorming as a tool - as a . on a card or Post-it Note and place it in the middle of a large working area.

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Nov 25, 2009 . The story map is a road map and combined with mind mapping it helps . Many writers plan the characters, goals, and conflicts before they write a story. . Story mapping software is available, and many writers enjoy using these tools. . by Knopf in 2009, shows a facsimile of each story card and his notes.


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4) Go to [Tool] – [Mindmap] – [Import FreeMind files] and then select your .mm . I live in Fukui and everytime I have a business trip to Tokyo, I carry the book and . In this area, “Index Cards” and “Post-It” sticky notes have long been and still are . this “mindmap planning” for each iteration, using Astah(our mindmapping tool) .

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Graphic Organizers, Graphic Organizer, Free Graphic Organizers, Graphic Organizer Worksheets, Story Maps, Mind Maps, Printable Graphic Organizers .

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To take notes, organize information, and structure writing for plans, papers and reports, . mind maps and outlines into polished presentations that communicate ideas clearly and . Brainstorm and capture ideas quickly with RapidFire® tool. . formats (with or without speaker notes) for handouts including 3x5 and 4x6 cards.

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Mind mapping is a graphic form of note-taking that is used as a tool for organizing . Whether you run a business, plan events or write novels, you may need to .

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Note Taking, Graphic Organizers, Concept Mapping and Flow Chart Tools. Online Interactive . graphic arts. Magic Online - trade cards and plan online .

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How to Use the Tool. Describe the problem or issue. Generate ideas by brainstorming. Write each idea on a separate sticky note and put these on a wall or flip .

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Mind-mapping is a color-coded note taking technique that offers the author a . It is an excellent way to plan your whole book and outline your book chapters . the richness of Mind-Mapping that you don't get with the "Index Card" Metaphor.

How I Use Mindmapping to Write
Jan 27, 2010 . Mind maps are a great tool for getting your jumbly thoughts into a . to paragraphs or as the notes on your note cards for your speech. . I use mind maps to map out my process for writing a book, developing a business plan, .

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Mar 22, 2011 . Mind Maps - An Organizational Tool for Writers . You can jump right into an article or story, but you'll be planning as you . Whiteboarding or note taking software is good to have for general . I modified an open source software called tiddlywiki to make an electronic relational file card system for my novels.

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Did you know you can trade in your old books for an Gift Card to spend on the . How to Mind Map: The Ultimate Thinking Tool That Wi... by Tony Buzan . The Mind Map Book introduces a revolutionary system of planning and . is a ground-breaking, note-taking technique that is already used by more than .

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