America in the 1930s
Views the period through films, radio programs, literature, journalism, museums, exhibitions, architecture, art and other forms of cultural expression.

American History: From Great Depression's Depths, Creativity ...
Apr 13, 2011 . Directors in the nineteen thirties also produced such great films as "It Happened One Night," "Mutiny on the Bounty," and "The Life of Emile Zola .

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1 Early life; 2 The Nineteen Twenties; 3 The Nineteen Thirties; 4 The Nineteen Forties; 5 The Nineteen Fifties; 6 The Nineteen Sixties; 7 Later Years; 8 Legacy .

VOA Special English - Special American History Remix: From Great ...
Apr 21, 2011 . Directors in the nineteen thirties also produced such great films as "It Happened One Night," "Mutiny on the Bounty," and "The Life of Emile Zola .

The Slum Clearance Movement in the Nineteen Thirties.
Oct 23, 2011 . The Slum Clearance Movement in the Nineteen Thirties. . Millions were out of work and millions were living in appalling housing conditions.

1930s history including Popular Culture, Prices, Events, Technology ...
Cost Of Living, News and Events, Popular Culture, Sports, Technology, . Some of the Most Well Known Movie Stars of the Thirties Clark Gable couple of his .

A Broken Economy
nineteen thirties, which was during the time period of the Great Depression. Life during the thirties was a struggle for anyone no matter where they lived or what .

History - Amity Club of New Haven
It was a fact of life in the nineteen thirties that the controlling ethnic group in New Haven was composed of native born Americans; and that from the upper strata .

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Apr 18, 2011 . The farmers eked out a living in forest clearings that were nothing more . by reading “The Dionne Quintuplets: A Thirties Melodrama” by Pierre .

Pasternak Is Dead; Wrote 'Dr. Zhivago'
The life of Boris Pasternak spanned the heights and depths, the glories and . By the late Nineteen Thirties Mr. Pasternak was turning more and more to the .

For if we are to understand the changes in American life during the nineteen- thirties, we must first recall what things were like before this period began--before .


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"The Drummer"

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Widows and welfare in Victoria in the nineteen twenties and ...
Sep 6, 2006. the Depression of the nineteen thirties and its devastating effect on family life. ( For complete abstract open document), 1984-02, 2006-09-06, .

Ludwig Prandtl in the Nineteen-Thirties: Reminiscences
There are several articles describing his scientific life and work (Hoff 1935, . In the early nineteen-thirties the assistantship was held by W. Prager, who had .

Max Lea MBE, Football Referee | Spitalfields Life
Sep 20, 2011 . Today, Maxie is in regular contact with the friends he made in Brick Lane in the nineteen thirties, and he lives now in an immaculate flat in .

Nineteen thirties - Results, Digital Collections, University of Otago ...
32 results for: Nineteen thirties . Temporal Coverage: Nineteen thirties. . McCahon writes: "Still life. oil Sgd & dated Colin McCahon 1940 [sic] in mount 28 x .

Charles A. Reich / The Liberals' Mistake
Unfortunately, it is not a laboratory where no one gets hurt: some lives are . I was in my twenties when I knew most of the nineteen-thirties liberals, who at that .

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Life Magazine 193* will give you all eBay Auctions with Life magazines from the nineteen-thirties. Depending on the name of the magazine you might need to .

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ordinary life characteristic of all mature industrial societies in the twentieth century since 1914; but . THE NINETEEN THIRTIES: A REVISIONIST HISTORY. 9 1 .

Laurie Lee on Spain - part 1, Almuñécar
Jan 5, 2012 . Back in the nineteen thirties he reflected on life in this part of the country centuries earlier. Lee wrote: “In the days of the Moors, Almuñécar had .

Howkins/Saville: The 1930s - A Revisionist History (1979)
Jul 4, 2010 . The Nineteen Thirties: . during the inter-war years were part of the secular improvement in the material basis of ordinary life characteristic of all .

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Rezsoe Seress, whose dirge-like song hit, "Gloomy Sunday" was blamed for touching off a wave of suicides during the nineteen-thirties, has ended his own life .

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Goodbye to Berlin, by Christopher Isherwood (1939) | Miss Darcy's ...
Jul 31, 2011 . With the consummate flair of the story-teller, Isherwood weaves together and dramatizes his observations of life in nineteen-thirties Berlin, .

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