30-30 Varmint Loads
If you think the title is oxymoronic, wait till you hear some of the loads. . It's a varmint bullet for 30-06 class velocities, so from the heavy loaded 30-30 it will act .

Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition
The new loads, dubbed "LEVERevolution" will initially be available in .30-30 . Drive a heavy bullet fast enough to markedly benefit from a spitzer/boat-tail .

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Heavy 30-30 Winchester Rifle Ammunition
Oct 23, 2011 . Buffalo Bore is introducing a truly Heavy 30-30 Winchester loading. This new load utilizes a 190gr. custom Hawk bullet and gives the venerable .

Optimum Accuracy with Cast Bullets in a 30-30 Winchester Model 94
In my previous article on Cast Bullets in a 30-30 Winchester Model 94, I wrote: " To . research informed me that Winchester cases were heavier than other brands. . For shooting at round bullseyes while testing loads, I installed the smallest, .

How Good is the 30-30
Pointed bullets and heavier loads are two examples that I can think of to modernize the 30-30. Hornady does make a levermatic load with a pointed bullet but the .

Cast bullets in the .30-40 Krag
So, I asked some friends for their advice about building cast bullet loads for rifles. . the conclusion that the .30-30 Winchester was almost perfect as a cast-bullet rifle cartridge, . 1 in 10" twist is compatible with heavy cast bullets at full throttle .

Bench Rest Magnum Cartridges
A 140gr Bullet in the 6.5mm BRM is Comparable to a Heavy Bullet Load in . Derived from the 219 Donaldson Wasp and made from 30-30 Winchester brass, .

Real Guns - The Contender .30/30 Vs the real .30/30 ? But first........
Most load data for the Contender 14" is for 150 grains or lighter, all short bullets, and the .30/30 case capacity isn't going to push long heavy bullets along.

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30-30 Bear Protection bullet, CAST or JACKETED?
My choice is between 170 grain Hornady FN bullets designed for the 30-30,,,, OR , 173 grain FN GC bullets, also for 30-30,,, Both loads are Full Power Loads. Using the . Without some testing on heavy boned animals it's pretty hard to say.

30-30 Bullet Trail - YouTube
Jun 22, 2009 . I was shooting a 30-30 with a heavy bullet so it was traveling pretty . Loading... Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.

PawPaw's House: More on cast loads
Jul 19, 2007 . Shooters that make cast bullet loads for the .30-30 tell us that the 311041 at 1750 -1800 fps does . He shoots a custom heavy barreled .270.


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Range Reports - Missouri Bullet Company
What is your Favorite Missouri Bullet Load - forum . First trial load with universal powder, way too heavy for a soft bullet heaving leading . decided to purchase a Marlin 336 in 30-30 to explore the possibilities of this cartridge.

.30 Rem. AR | Shooting Illustrated
Dec 27, 2011 . That approach results in a big, heavy bullet with moderate muzzle velocity. It works for . It offers four loads, including a 123-grain FMJ at an optimistic . The . 30 Rem. was introduced in 1906 to compete with the .30-30 Win.

.35 Remington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This 200 grain bullet is nearly 18% heavier than the .30-30's 170 grain bullet, . Hornady also makes the .35 Remington in their LEVERevolution loads with a .

Reloading for a Marlin .30-30 | Field & Stream
Sep 3, 2010 . I'm thinking about working up a .30-30 Win. load for a Marlin 336 with a 170 grain bullet. I've used 150's for years but am interested in seeing .

America's Greatest, The All-Around .30-'06! | Rifles, Ammunition ...
Apr 6, 2012 . In it are Ed's recommendations for bullets and loads for an . I don't recommend heavier charges with pistol powders (even . My favorite jacketed bullets for reduced .30-06 loads are the bulk Remington 150-gr. .30-30 soft .

What is 30-30 as a measurement of a weapon
Before it was called the .30-30 it the .30 Winchester Center Fire made by the . Most loads have very comparable bullet paths when zeroed at the same range. . This is due to fireing a heavier bullet, at 150 or 170 grains compared to the 122 or .

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Hunting Rifle Killing Power
Heavier bullets also retain velocity and energy better than lighter bullets of the . the .270 and .30-06 loads above also shows that the .30-30 factory load using a .

The Cast Bullet Association
The loads were light by today's standards, giving an estimated velocity of 1600 f.p.s. . True, the .30-30 and .308 are good cast bullet rounds, but the '06 is too. . I feel this proves the worth of the slow heavy bullet in bucking the wind without .

The 30-30 loads that test above 43000 psi in new Winchester and Marlin rifles . Again 4759 is very good and the best load I found with this heavy 7mm bullet .

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35-30/30 (35-30)
Although not widely known, the 35-30/30 is one of the oldest wildcats, having . but the factory 200 grain bullet loading rarely attains 2000 fps except in a 24 inch . the 35-30/30 with its longer neck permits use of cast bullets as heavy as 270 .

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Beartooth Bullets Secure Online Shopping
Great 30-30 bullet and reduced loads in .30-06/.308. Sizing Diameter . View Details. Great traditional heavy weight cast bullet for the .30-06 and .30-40 Krag.

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